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Q-3535 (1958)

According to Mr. Tom Frantzen with STEREO magazine in Germany, Q-3535 was the first Sansui Stereo Amplifier ever produced.  Pictures of his unit have been posted in Tube amplifier section as well as here.

Tom wrote:

Dear Isao,

here some further pictures of my Q-3535 (carefully restored and slightly improved by Octave/Andreas Hofmann who also did the included schematics).

Before anyone asks: Hofmann usually doesn't modification and tuning for other items than his own which are among the best tube and hybrid amp concepts on this planet. This exception has been done for an article about second hand hifi.

The extremely rare Q-3535 (1958) sounds really outstanding, now even better than before. Power is (afaik) 35 watts per channel (between the monos Q-15 and Q-55 from the same era).

Best regards

Tom Frantzen, STEREO magazine Germany


This particular amplifier featured on this page is owned by Mr. Cameron Nicol in Seattle, and these pictures have been provided by courtesy of Mr. Cameron Nicol as well.  We are currently searching more information for this model.  If you have more info on this model, please let us know about it. 



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