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Product History


Translation from SANSUI Web Site


1954/8     Introduced the First Sansui Tube Pre-Main Amplifier Kit HPR-100 with Radio Tuner.

1959/6     Introduced the First Tube Pre-Main Amplifier SM-88 in Japan.

1964/7     Introduced the Stereo Pre-Main Amplifier AU-70.

1965/8     Introduced the Black Front Panel Pre-Main Amplifier AU-111.

1967/5     Introduced the First Solid State Pre-Main Amp AU-777 with Silicon Transistors.

1971/3     Introduced the QS Method 4 Channel Stereo Rea Power Amplifier QS-10.

1972/10   Introduced the Vintage AU-9500 (123,000 Yen) that was Greatly Praised by Audiophile Enthusiasts.

1976/11   Introduced the First Generation of the Current 07 Series, AU-607 (69,800 Yen).

1979/9     Introduced AU-X1 (210,000 Yen).  Introduced AU-D907 LIMITED (175,000 Yen).

1984/1     Introduced AU-D607X (79,800 Yen).

1992/5     Introduced C-2302 VINTAGE (1,280,000 Yen).

1994/4     Introduced AU-AL907 LIMITED (410,000 Yen).

1995/10   Introduced AU-AL907MR(295,000 Yen), AU-AL707MR(185,000 Yen), AU-AL607MR(99,000 Yen).

1997/12   Introduced AU-AL607NRA(108,000 Yen).

1998/7     Introduced AU-AL707NRA(200,000 Yen), Introduced AU-AL907NRA(300,000 Yen).

1999/6     Limited Reproduction of BC-2 for Spendole in England.

1999/11   Limited Production of Tube Pre-Main Amplifier AU-111 VINTAGE 1999

1999/11   Introduced AU-AL607 MOS Limited (180,000 Yen).


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