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The Best of SANSUI    - Vintage Stereo, Classic Audio Products and Company History -

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Sansui receiver history is as old as Sansui itself.  The first Sansui kit, HPR-100 had the tuner section.  Sansui produced more tube receivers than tube amplifiers.  The early-day tube receivers include 250, SM320, 500, 1000.  Their goal at the time was to produce the world class stereo amplifiers and receivers.

In the early 1960s, Sansui had impressive group of products that met their goal; their products include SAX-200, SAX-300, SAX-600, SAX-1000(1000A), AU-70(pre-power amplifier), AU-111(pre-power amplifier).  Most of these products were listed on the very rare sales brochure that was kindly gifted from Mr. Suzuki in Yamagata, Japan.

The next goal of Sansui was to produce the world class transistor receivers.  Sansui introduced slew of products from the late 1960s to middle of 1970s.  Some of main products were 1000 to 7000 Series, 3300 to 5500 Series, Single Number Series, Quad Series, 221 to 881 Series, 1010 to 9090 Series, and the famous G-9000 and G-9700 Series followed in the late 1970's.    

The summit of Sansui receiver technology was reached with 8080DB, 9090DB, G-8000, G-9000, G-9000DB, G-30000, G-8700DB, and G-9700.  The last of incredible high quality Sansui receiver was 9900ZDB Series in the beginning of 1980s.   Sansui still produced some high-end receivers, such as Z9000 Series; however, the quality of the late 70 to very early 80 was no-where in existence on those later models.

In the early 1980's to middle of 1980's, the concept of system components took over the center stage of high end receivers.  Sansui still produced some receivers; however, they were used as the main unit among low end component systems.  The typical Sansui receivers in this era were R Series. 

In the late 1980's, the whole industry started producing mini component systems.  Most Japanese audiophile manufacturers moved their production plants to oversees to fight back against rising Yen values.  Sansui was no exception.  Most Sansui units except the high end products, such as 07 Series and AV amplifiers, were produced oversees.  Their main focus on receivers was how to save costs, not how to make better products.  Sadly, the days of high end receivers were long gone forever.       



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