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The Best of SANSUI    - Vintage Stereo, Classic Audio Products and Company History -

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Quality Issues
Production Date Issue
Int. vs Domestic
AU-111 vs AU-Alpha907MR
My Plans

Unanswered Issues and My Future Plans

Since Sansui lost the independence to foreign company, and its headquarters was closed almost two years ago, we have so many unanswered questions, and it became very hard to obtain right answers.  Two most common questions among Sansui enthusiasts are

1.  When did the quality of products start decline?       

2.  What was the introduction (production) date of my equipment?   

I have my own thoughts on the first question as well as some good information for the second question.  Please go to Quality Issues and Production Date Issue Pages for more information.

Although the quality issue is somehow related with Sansui's demise under unfortunate economic factors, Sansui kept producing master pieces until the very end.  Since those master pieces were sold only in Japan, we have never had the opportunity to even take a glance at them.  I'm talk about the reasons of Sansui's misfortune in conjunction with quality differences between international and Japanese domestic models.  For more details on models differences, please go to Int. vs Domestic Page.

In the last a few months, I finally had the chances to obtain three of rare master pieces that represent three different decade of Sansui technologies; AU-111(1966), AU-X1111 MOS Vintage(1988), and AU-Alpha907MR(1994).  Of course, my ultimate goal is to compare those three units to other master pieces in the glorious 1970's, such as AU-9500, AU-20000, BA-5000, and AU-919; however, at least, I had the first chance to compare between AU-111 and AU-Alpha907MR a few weeks ago.  I found some peculiarity in this comparison, and eventually found the reason for it.  Please go to AU-111 vs AU-Alpha907MR page for more details.

At this point, my future goal for this site is to investigate more details and comparisons on each models as well as to conduct more research on Sansui history; therefore, we could have better understanding on our vintage equipments.  Please go to My Plans and Announcement Page for more details.                 

Finally, the very last thing I would like to emphasize is that Sansui kept producing master pieces under the financial turmoil due to the shrinking market size in both domestic and international markets - I think that was their last pride, and my subtitle, "The Elite Bland: Profound Simplicity" is a tribute to their efforts.    

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Last modified: 01/25/06