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The Best of SANSUI    - Vintage Stereo, Classic Audio Products and Company History -

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[Under Construction]

 Plans and Announcement - Updated on 4/21/2004


Since the last summer, we have been working hard on our sister site, http://www.obsinc.us.  This site currently offers Sansui Brochures, Bulletins, and Service Manuals on Acrobat file format.  What really great about these computer images is that actually we can see in much greater details than we can on the original literatures.  Especially, most manuals have been scanned under the 300dpi resolution in color.  This means, if you are like one of us, who need a pair of reading glasses to do anything, these PDF files are better than originals!

If you decide to purchase those files, it's great; however, even if you are not interested in purchasing them, we encourage you to visit this site because currently more than 850 Sansui literatures are listed.  Therefore, this is a great place to study what Sansui had offered (in the exporting markets - there are many more in the Japanese domestic market) during its 50 some years of history.  

Another sister site, http://www.woodang.net offers NOS transistors, tubes, and other vintage parts.  Since this site is owned and operated by one of us, you can trust what we offer.  We offer only genuine NOS items in working condition, not the recent reproductions from the third countries.

Besides these sister site projects, I have spent a great deal of my time for Sansui's history research.  I got known many Sansui ex-managers during this process, and I have been communicating with them ever since.  The more I have found the historical facts in relation with the global circumstances, the more I'm convinced that the Sansui management did try everything to maintain what Sansui stands for.  I hope someday I can analyze and describe all these historical facts in detail.       

Regarding each Sansui model, I have somewhat worked on AU-111; however, I still want to feature Sansui tube gear, namely AU/TU-70, 500, 500A, 1000, and 1000A.  I also hope Fred starts featuring his specialty of BA-5000, C-2301, and B-2301.

I apologize to those who have sent us some of your photos for not listing for some time (now they are up).  Also, I apologize not updating our site quick enough.  However, as I have mentioned, we have been spending countless days and hours to perfect the contents of our sister sites.  I strongly believe that our knowledge gained by organizing Sansui literatures will make the considerable contribution to our future ability to carry out our Sansui related endeavor.  

Finally, I have received so many e-mails, and I just don't have enough time to answer all.  If you have urgent issues or questions, please post to the Best of Sansui Bulletin Board.  There are many knowledgeable people out there to give you some solutions and suggestions.  Yet, if you have any suggestions for this site, please send your mail to sansui@earthlink.net


Thank you for visiting our site, and enjoy!


In order to set up this site within a relatively short period of time, I have borrowed many photos from eBay and Japanese Yahoo sites.  I have not, or I will not use any of those photos for any commercial purposes; however, I'm planning to eventually replace or make reference on all those photos.  

Send mail to sansui@earthlink.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 02/08/04