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[Under Construction]

My Sansui System: Major Robert Sarbell - U.S. Air Force

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"Customized" cabinet made for the components by a master woodworking craftsman Mr Hagiwara from near Fuchu Station.  Those photo were taken in Apr 1967 at Tachikawa AB, Japan. . . .components were purchased in December 1965,  January 1966 (and Nov 1966 for the second TEAC deck - the A4000S). The original Pioneer PL-6 turntable in the far right section was replaced by a Garrard LAB 80 MkII turntable in early 1972. 



These photos were taken on January 2003 in Marietta, Georgia. The Sansui SP-200 speakers shown atop the Hagiwara-san cabinet in the early photos have been replaced by my two favorite Grundig tabletop radios, a model 5295 and a model 5490 (built in 1962 and 1964 respectively). They each have 4 built-in speakers. . . . which sound as rich and full as my Sansui SP-1200 speakers (not shown) downstairs with my second Sansui 1000A. The Sansui QS-500 in the far right hand section was purchased in the Phillipines in 1971. It can easily be exchanged on a rollout drawer with my Garrard LAB 80 MkII turntable.  

I am in the process of relocating some of the "video" units - VCR and DVD player - from atop the cabinet into the right hand section. I discovered this Christmas that both of the drive belts on the TEAC A4000S deck, and the earlier TEAC A4000 deck are in need of replacement again. . . . wanted to enjoy some of the really old Christmas favorites on reel-to-reel. This will be the third set of "rubber" for them.  (Do you know of a good source for TEAC belts??)



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