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The Best of SANSUI    - Vintage Stereo, Classic Audio Products and Company History -

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Mr. Yves Deschatelets
Major Robert Serbell

My Sansui System

Here is the home system of "BeatleFred"  ---> GO TO FRED'S SANSUI SYSTEM  


Mr. Yves Deschatelets in Quebec, Canada -- What a nice classic Sansui gear!!! --> GO TO MR. YVES'S SANSUI SYSTEM


U.S. Air Force Major Robert P. Sarbell  in Marietta, GA  -- We became friends through 1000A receiver.  His custom made stereo cabinet is something to see.  Bob has sent me very valuable data for 1000A, and we will post the information very soon. ---> GO TO BOB'S SANSUI SYSTEM


Here are some pictures from Mark who is an electro technician, and fixing and selling some vintage Sansui amps and receivers. --> GO TO MARK'S  UNITS 


Jean from Laval Quebec, Canada shows off his Sansui BA-5000 with other high end vintage equipments. --> GO TO JEAN'S SYSTEM


Terry's System -- Rare SANSUI sign!  Something to see.  --> GO TO TERRY'S SYSTEM


Stephen's System -- Nice looking AU-9500 Series Amps --> GO TO STEPHEN'S SYSTEM


Jean-Marc Woche, in Heidelberg, Germany, black face 8080!  --> GO TO JEAN-MARC'S UNIT


Kenny's System, nice setup --> GO TO KENNY'S SYSTEM


MR. Glenn Travulli's Turntable, XP-99 --> GO TO GLENN'S TURNTABLE


Mr. Paal Koncz's Speakers, S-71U --> GO TO PAAL'S SPEAKERS


 Mr. Grazie Maurizio's Unit, 4900 --> GO TO GRAZIE'S UNIT


Matrk's G-6000 --> GO TO MATRK'S G-6000


Mr. Dave Varsik's Speakers --> GO TO DAVE'S SP-Z7


Mr. CowBoy's Tube Amp, Wow! --> GO TO COWBOY'S TUBE AMP




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