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My Sansui System: Mark


Mark wrote:  .... The Sansui sound is the sound I`ve been raised too. I never owned one as a teen but as a electro technician, buyer/seller of used electronics, I most of the time take good care in restoring Sansui receivers and  amplifiers. At the present moment, I might have about 10 of them in hand and 3 are actually under work, and one of these is a G-7500 receiver. ....

.....My audio room (where the comp is too) has an old J.E. Sugden A21 series II amp with 2 old Altec Lansing Model One. Great sound to my ears from my Thorens TD166 mkII turntable. I`m a vinyl LP collector. Still, the 70`s till mid 80`s Sansui audios are probably the commercial brand I like the most. The bass and treble knobs always been generous for clear and clean sound. A sounds that I`m used to.....


AU-2200 (77-79) Restored, AU-4900 (77-79) Restored, AU-5500 (74-76) Almost Restored, 881 (74-76) Under work, G-7500 (79-81) Under Work, 350A (73-75) Under work, R-707 (mid 80's) Not to be restored (used for parts), A-60 (mid 80's) Not to be restored (used for parts), R-70 (mid 80's) Restored, Equally, Tuner TU-5900









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