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The Best of SANSUI    - Vintage Stereo, Classic Audio Products and Company History -

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Site Update History


03/11/2005: Hi Everyone.  You are thinking, “Long time, nothing!”  ---- I know… 

So, here is some news for you.

1.  I have been working on a new site for sometime with the great support from Sten, and now, I think this new site is presentable to the world.  It’s called http://www.tube-amps.net.  This site features much more details on Sansui history and tube products from 1944 to about 1969.  Then, this site introduces a Japanese high-end tube transformer company, called Hashimoto Electric.  Hashimoto Electric merged with the spanned off Sansui Transformer Department in 1979 when Sansui decided to concentrate on the finished goods production.  Sansui passed out all Sansui transformer related patents, technologies, sales forth, distribution system, and even Sansui’s good old logo.  This means Hashimoto Electric is still carrying the old Sansui logo on their Sansui brand products. 

Ever since, Hashimoto Electric was one of the main transformer OEMs for Sansui products.  When Sansui decided to reproduce the famed AU-111 in 1999 and 2001, Hashimoto built the AU-111 transformers for Sansui.  After Sansui decided to halt its hi-fi business, Hashimoto developed brand new tube transformers with own brand name.  Of course, new transformers from Hashimoto have been based on the half century of Sansui transformer technologies, and Hashimoto further improved the products to meet with even higher expectations.  A few audio critics in Japan called Hashimoto transformers, “Nothing (on a market) can be compared.  Hashimoto transformers simply belong to the next level.”

Okay, even if you are not interested in new stuff, you can still find the chronological information for almost all Sansui tube products from 1944 to 1969.  This information alone should be very valuable for folks who are looking for some information on their unknown Sansui unit. 

2.  Now, our sister site, http://www.obsinc.us carries more than 900 Sansui literatures.  Even if you are not interested in buying service manuals, brochures, etc, you could still glance at how the service manuals and brochures of your unit look like by simply querying with a key word, such as “AU717”.  I can not promise you “when”, but I’m planning to add an introduction year for every single Sansui product on the obsinc site.  This means the obsinc site will be a great information source for anyone who wants to know when your Sansui unit was introduced.

3.  Finally, I’m planning to visit Japan on the last week of coming April until the second week of May (this is for my real work).  I will meet people with Hashimoto (there are still two people working at Hashimoto Electric who were originally transferred from Sansui when the Sansui Transformer Department spanned off).  I’m also planning to meet some ex-Sansui executives during this visit.  So, hopefully, I can bring some new information back for you guys.  

That’s all at this time, but please post any comments on our forum if you have some input.

04/21/04 Here are more "My Sansui" Group 2, Group 3, and Stephen's  photos.  Thanks, everybody.

11/11/03 a new link for http://www.woodang.net (for Sansui parts), and AU-111 Page update.  

9/6/2003 Added AU-999 inside photos, courtesy of Mr. Aaron Luebke

9/4/2003 Added the additional "My Sansui" Page for Sansui users who e-mailed me photos since April.  Updated AU-111 photos.

4/24/2003 - My Sansui from Terry and Andy, also added a new category, Quad Units

4/8/2003 - Updated issues and Plans, added Comparison between AU-111 and AU-Alpha907MR, also added a new category, Turntables

3/27/2003 - My Sansui from Mark and Jean, also added a new category, Tape Decks

3/14/2003 - Speaker brochure from 1960's - Courtesy of Major Robert Sarbell - U.S. Air Force

3/8/2003 - Added a new category, Speakers

3/1/2003 - More pictures on Q-3535 Tube Amplifier from Mr. Tom Frantzen with STEREO magazine in Germany.  Added Japanese Sansui Site links, you might not be able to read them, but even pictures alone should be very interesting, just click underlined URL's to go to those sites. 

02/23/2003 - Mid 1970's Brochures from Mr. Joe Searcy in Minnesota, again.  Thank you Joe!  Also, posted a testimonial for Mr. Warren Bendler's work.

02/21/2003 - Five more late 1970's Brochure pictures from Mr. Goran Setka in Belgrade, Serbia.  Also, Brochures and Photos of AU-X1 and TU-X1 from Mr. Jaap van den Bosch in Netherlands

02/11/2003 - More Brochures from Mr. Goran Setka in Belgrade, Serbia

02/08/03 - Added the Brochures Page - Those are sent from Mr. Joe Searcy in Minnesota

01/30/03 - Added more Tuner Pages, TU-919 Series, TU-907 Series (Japanese Market), and TU-X1.

01/26/03 - Added the About this Site Page:  it includes About this Site, About me, and About the Background Picture sections.

01/23/03 - Started the Tuners Page; TU-999 Series, TU-9500 Series, and TU-9900 Series

01/15/03 - Added  Major Robert Sarbell - U.S. Air Force in Marietta, GA on "My Sansui System" Page - Please contact me if you would like to post your own Sansui system on this site.  Also, added AU-70 Picture Galleries

01/09/03 - Added  Mr. Yves Deschatelets in Quebec, Canada on "My Sansui System" Page - Please contact me if you would like to post your own Sansui system on this site.

01/08/03 - Added Pre Amplifier and Receivers 221 - 881 Series pages

01/01/03 - Started "My Sansui System" Page

12/27/02 - Added Power Amplifier Page, and updated Definition Series Picture Gallery

12/21/02 - Added Q-3535 Page, pictures were provided by Mr. Cameron Nicol in Seattle, WA

12/20/02 - Added Tube Amplifiers and Tube Receivers Pages

12/18/02 - Added 1000-7000 Receivers Picture Gallery

12/16/02 - Added some new pictures on AU-X1, AU-X11, AU-X1111, AU-Alpha607 MOS Premium, and AU-07 Anniversary

12/15/02 - Added AU-777 Page and AU-777 Picture Gallery.

12/12/02 - Updated AU-D907 Limited and AU-D907F Series

12/11/02 - Updated AU-707, AU-D907, and AU-Alpha907NRA Series

12/10/02 - Updated AU-Alpha907 Extra Series and AU-07 Anniversary

12/08/02 - Updated AU-Alpha907L Extra and AU-Alpha907NRA Series

12/07/02 - Added the page of B-209 The Tube.  Bob, this is for you - more tube gear is coming!

12/06/02 - Added detailed specification on AU-999, AU-9500, AU-717, AU-919, AU-D11, AU-D11II, AU-G99X, AU-G77XII, AU-X701, 9090DB, and G-9700.  Added more picture on AU-Alpha907i, and AU-Alpha907 Limited Series

12/04/02 - Added more pictures on AU-Alpha907, AU-Alpha907KX, AU-Alpha907XR Series

12/02/02 - Added pictures of AU-Alpha777DG, and AU-Alpha607NRAII

12/01/02 - Added more pictures on AU-Alpha607 MOS Premium, AU-Alpha607 MOS Limited, and AU-X1111 MOS Vintage

11/28/02 - Added 9090, G-9000, and G-9700 Series Picture Galleries

11/22/02 - Added Professional and Definition Series Picture Galleries

11/21/02 - Added Bulletin Board & Guest Book, Fixed the counter

11/20/02 - Added AU-7900, AU-7700, and AU-9500 Series Picture Galleries.

11/19/02 - Added AU-999 Series Picture Gallery

11/10/02 - Web Site Uploaded




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